I teach philosophy at a community college. I also teach computer science courses at a university.

I started doubting Christianity in my mid twenties, seeking help from popular apologetics books. The books didn’t satisfy me. Not wanting to give up on the faith, I started studying philosophy, from a Christian perspective. I was hoping that, at this deeper level of inquiry, that the faith would emerge the most reasonable. I finished a master’s degree in philosophy at Talbot School of Theology in 1998. My doubts were still there, but I had also learned to doubt the doubts.

I continued my philosophical studies at the PhD level, first at the University of Nebraska, then at the University of Illinois. I eventually finished my PhD.

Did it help? That’s a good question. I still doubt, and I still doubt the doubts (obscure, but I’ll eventually explain what I mean by it in the posts). I still hold on to faith as well. I’m borderline.

According to the Bible, this isn’t a good place to be. But I can’t help it. I hope to cross over completely, and permanently, to one side or the other, hopefully to the faith side. I am biased, I admit. But I also want to be intellectually responsible.

I want to use this site to work out my own thoughts, making this process visible to others.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. I like the honesty of that.

    Your reluctance to give up on your faith suggests–perhaps–that you want Christianity to be true. It is a state that perplexes me. If so, why?

  2. 1 Where did I derive my faith from?
    2. Am I subject to cultural mores?
    3.Is the original source material – the bible – a reliable source for any of my beliefs
    4 Why do I not believe in the god proclaimed by other religions ?

  3. I address all these things in my posts : ), except for your question about cultural mores. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘subject to.’ Do you mean ‘susceptible to,’ that is, that I am liable to be influenced by them? Or do you mean that they have authority over me in that they decide what’s right for me. I disagree with the second: I posted on that as well. The first, well, sure, who isn’t influenced by their culture? But that doesn’t mean one can’t question it; you surely agree, for you question it yourself.

  4. Sorry if you’ve covered these topics. I usually start with a bloggers About page and proceed from there. Haven’t had time to trawl right through.
    The over riding point is this. Without family or peers you would likely have never even come across ‘Christianity to even consider being a deist.

    I’ll look around and see what I come up with.
    Pleased you don’t have the moderator thing switched on…kudos.

  5. I’d say from the bible it’s a great place to be – God’s people were named after the word for “struggle” and “wrestle” because Jacob/Israel wrestled with God. Question and question some more! I think God says, “Bring it on!”

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